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Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

Our deep understanding of the real estate market dynamics enables us to assist our clients in successfully undertaking their real estate projects. Our services cover the whole spectrum from market study and strategic planning to marketing and project management.

Our dynamic and meticulous teams demonstrate a sense of inventiveness and initiative to differentiate our clients’ projects from competition.

Given the tough competition in the real estate market, our clients trust us for providing them with the correct advice, while defining the key success factors for their projects and diligently executing the established strategy.

Between 2017 and 2019, Oaklins Atlas Capital executed two real estate club deals still in progress, targeting an IRR of 10% and 34%.

Oaklins Atlas Capital is the only investment bank to manage all real estate services internally.


• Market study and analysis of the project;
• Set-up of the development strategy in terms of sizing, marketing, project phasing and optimal programming;

• Financial feasibility studies and profitability analysis;
• Identification of profitability optimization drivers;
• Drafting of the optimal financing plan;
• Negotiation with the banks;
• Structuring of club deals.



• Delegated project management ; 
• Sequencing, steering and coordination.



• Definition of the marketing strategy;
• Conception and implementation of the marketing plan;
• Best use of all digital tools for optimal management of communication via social networks;
• Rental marketing;
• Sale marketing;
• Ability to sign marketing agreements with the main institutions with strong membership.