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securities Brokerage

Securities Brokerage

In order to align our interests with those of our clients, we do not manage a proprietary portfolios.


Brokerage, diligently executing your transactions

Our dynamic and experienced brokers manage stock market orders with diligence, confidentiality and total impartiality. Our proximity to all market players allows us to complete the vast majority of transactions.

Our permanent presence on the market allows us to offer valuable advice to assist our clients in the choice and timing of their stock market transactions.



We successfully assist our clients in accomplishing their market placement to finance their growth through capital markets.


Thanks to our strong experience, both on the equity and the debt markets, we offer our deep understanding of investors’ expectations to help optimise the fund-raising project of our clients.



Equipped with modern information systems, we efficiently and securely process all the back-office operations (trades clearing, transfers, dividend payments, splits, etc.).

Our operational process was specifically conceived to guarantee confidentiality, transparency and efficiency.