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I believe that, one day, we’ll look back on the times we’re living in now and say: “it was a great time to invest” – Mary Callan Erdoes

Portfolio management, the ideal instrument for a tailor-made service

Whether you’re a financial market expert or a novice looking to benefit from solid, recognized expertise, Atlas Portfolio Management offers you progressive asset and financial solutions that meet your expectations in terms of performance, risk level, security and transparency. With the strength of more than 20 years’ experience in the financial markets, our experienced team enables you to benefit from optimized asset allocation and rigorous stock selection, for performances superior to those that an individual investor could achieve. Over a 5-year period, Atlas Portfolio Management has outperformed benchmarks in all categories by an average of 80 basis points.

Protect your assets: a capital guarantee can be provided

Grow your portfolio: a competitive guaranteed rate of return

Liquidity: a percentage of liquidity offered without penalty