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Executive Vice-President


Real Estate Investments

Atlas Capital Real Estate Management: tailor-made real estate.

We assist our customers with all their real estate issues through several service lines:

Strategic Advisory: would you like to optimize and/or add value to all or part of your real estate portfolio? Would you like to evaluate a specific real estate opportunity and ensure its feasibility? Atlas Capital’s teams carry out detailed market studies on all asset classes to provide you with recommendations in terms of positioning, strategic programming, business plan development and tailor-made solutions, including optimal management of your real estate assets.

Investment Management: would you like to invest in real estate opportunities and ensure the profitability of your investments? Atlas Capital’s teams regularly offer you investment opportunities in line with your investment strategy, whether you are looking for margin or rental yields, through co-investment or dedicated vehicles. We also have the capacity to manage all the steps involved in bringing your investment to fruition on your behalf.

Brokerage: our Business Developers and in-house real estate agents take care of marketing and/or sourcing all types of property from a network of qualified, high-quality buyers and sellers, in complete confidentiality.